Case NumberND.0059
DateBefore 24 Apr-1959
LocationPaget Parish
NameRoss Doe
InjuryShoulder abraded by skin of shark
Fatal (Y/N)N
SpeciesWhite shark
Investigator or SourceMentioned in letter from L. S. Mowbray dated 4/24/1959; L. Schultz & M. Malin, p.516


lcampbell on 2018-03-27:

OK, so, it’s been natural lavender soap while since I studied this, so it might be a little bit shaky, but I’ll do the best I can Also, this is really hard to explain like you’re 5, so I hope you’re at least 15 In general, MS is a technique that allows us to measure the mass of a molecule found in a solution. It does so by attaching positively charged protons (hydrogen atoms) onto the molecule and ejecting it until it hits a sensor where it is measured Now, TOF means time of flight. So what happens is that on the sensor side, there’s a negatively charged electric field which pulls the positively charged molecule with a constant force. The molecules fly across and hit the sensor, and the time is recorded. The distance to the sensor is known, and by manipulating some algebra, we can find the mass/charge of the flying molecule. Now, the Q means quadrapole. The quadrapole is a filter, that only allows certain voltage molecules to travel to the detection plate. 4 metal rods are placed in a circle around the travel path, and a current is passed through each rod. The two rods on opposite sides of the tunnel have the same polarity, so it’s arranged +-+- in a circle. Now, depending on the strength of the current, only some molecules, with a specific mass/charge ratio, will successfully be able to get through the tunnel. The others will end up with a skewed path and collide with the wall before managing to hit the detection plate So qTOF works by using the quadrapole as a screening device and measures the time of flight of the remaining molecules